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Nomenclature for Steel Door Frames

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Shop Drawing / Order Sheet

  • You can download the Shop Drawing / Order Sheet in (.pdf) format by clicking here.
  • When you've filled the Order Sheet out and are ready to place your order, fax the form to us at 1FaxNumber .
  • If you need Adobe Reader to view the .pdf file you can download it by clicking the Get Adobe Reader button below:

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You can also find the various diagrams and information from the Shop Drawing / Order Sheet listed below for easy online reference:

Door Types, Hinge Information and Door Handing

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Door Edges, Glazing and Series Abbreviations

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Frame Sections / Elevations and Anchor Styles

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Pop-up Diagrams

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Handing Chart

How to Determine the Hand of a Door...

1. The hand of a door is always determined from the outside.

2.  The outside of an exterior door is the street or entrance side.

3.  The outside of an auditorium door is the corridor or hall side.

4.  The outside of a room door is the corridor or hall side.

5.  The outside of a closet door is the room, corridor or hall side.


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